Sharing the night, enriching culture!

Sharing the night, enriching culture!

“No knowledge, although excellent and healthy, give me joy if I learn it for myself. If you grant me the wisdom with this limitation, to hold it closed on me, refusing to spread it, I’ll reject it” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

Art becomes knowledge when it’s shared » it’s a point of our manifesto and we want to share it in all its forms, together with you. We’ll never forget the first time, the first digital white night so we want to replicate it the very same day!

The incredible mix between @invasionidigita and @insopportabile and our first Digital White Night together.

Thursday, July 10th, from 08.00 p.m. to 02.00 a.m. call your friends, relatives, lovers, husbands and wives, children … charge the batteries of your PCs and tablets and get ready to spend an other night with us.

The official hashtag of the night will be #NBTW, as usual, and then the specific topics in order to get the chance to follow only the one you are interested in.

Here are the topics and suggestions on what to tweet with the specific hashtags:

#NBTWliterature – poetry, prose, pieces from books, words and quotes, proverbs, reading.
Here you can post your pieces, quotes that you love, videos of you reading a passage (using Vine or Instagram, for example), a video of an author reading his piece, etc..

#NBTWmusic – every genre of music, songs, videos, jazz, pop, rock, folk, ecc even your song if you are an artist.
Here you can feast with music of all kinds, and if you’re a musician why do not sing/play/whistle your own song for the occasion? Let us know the music of your land, something that comes from far away and can makes us want to take the first train to reach you and listen to more.

#NBTWart – paintings, statues, museums, art galleries, archeological sites and so on.
Let us feel the art in all its forms, a museum that has touched your heart, a framework that tell us its story or maybe yours. If you are a museum let us enter into your rooms, albeit virtually, and inspire us with your art and your story.

#NBTWtravel – a travel around our cities, villages, towns, our country. If you are in and around the city participate “live” letting us know about the place you where in or let us discover in pictures or videos that hidden corner that you really cannot forget.

#NBTWfood – not a coincidence that we start at 8.00 pm…food … but, above all, wine of our land! Recipes, tips, wine pairings and everything that tickles the palate. Organize a tasting and…bon appetit! Let us visit your land through its gastronomy and the wines that it produces so that we can come to see you live to test them!

During the night take a picture with our poster “Culture Never Sleeps” and post it!
Watch out your timeline…it’s going to be invaded by Culture!