Digital Hostages

Digital Hostages

#Liberiamolacultura (#FreeCulture) is the hashtag we chose for the first edition of Digital Invasions.

Our goal is to  build a bridge between the physical and the digital cultural worlds and to provide both a gateway and forum for cultural organizations and associations or any private companies involved in tourism  and cultural promotion.


The goal of the project “Digital Hostages”  is to train curators, staff and managers in the cultural sector in the use of the Internet and Social Media.

How does it work?

The museums and institutions which join the project will be taken ‘hostage’ by a member of our community (an Invader), we will choose among those we deem most suitable, depending on the type of request, who will be the invader to take them hostage. The hostage will spend an entire day at the property and will be responsible for training the staff in the use of the Internet and Social media and free exploring new ideas and projects in collaboration with the museum or institution.

Who are our Invaders and what do they do?

Our consultants are digital strategists, marketing managers, bloggers, communications and marketing professionals. They will act as facilitators in the use of social network and they will devise and manage promotional strategies through the use of new media.