Watch out your timeline… it’s going to be invaded by culture! #NBTW

Watch out your timeline… it’s going to be invaded by culture! #NBTW

After the great success of the very first edition of the Digital White Night, held in july 2013, the Invasioni Digitali team and Insopportabile are together again!

The world needs another white night, and you know that, sooooo… we’re warning you in advance: get ready because we won’t accept any defection!

Friday, December 13th, from 8.00 pm to 2.00 am stay tuned with friends, relatives, strangers, lovers, cousins ​, husbands and wives, children…charge the batteries of computers, tablets and be prepared to spend the night with us.

The official hashtag of the night will be #NBTW because we want to be more specific this time and split topics in order to give people the chance to pick the subjects. We have choosen to write hashtags in English to let you, non italian speakers, understand and be able to participate. We want you!

Here are the topics and suggestions on what to tweet with the specific hashtags:

#NBTWliterature – poetry, prose, pieces from books, words and quotes, proverbs, reading.
Here you can post your pieces, quotes that you love, videos of you reading a passage (using Vine or Instagram, for example), a video of an author reading his piece, etc..

#NBTWmusic – every genre of music, songs, videos, jazz, pop, rock, folk, ecc even your song if you are an artist.
Here you can feast with music of all kinds, and if you’re a musician why do not sing/play/whistle your own song for the occasion? Let us know the music of your land, something that comes from far away and can makes us want to take the first train to reach you and listen to more.

#NBTWart – paintings, statues, museums, art galleries, archeological sites and so on.
Let us feel the art in all its forms, a museum that has touched your heart, a framework that tell us its story or maybe yours. If you are a museum let us enter into your rooms, albeit virtually, and inspire us with your art and your story.

#NBTWtravel – a travel around our cities, villages, towns, our country. If you are in and around the city participate “live” letting us know about the place you where in or let us discover in pictures or videos that hidden corner that you really cannot forget.

#NBTWfood – not a coincidence that we start at 8.00 pm…food … but, above all, wine of our land! Recipes, tips, wine pairings and everything that tickles the palate. Organize a tasting and…bon appetit! Let us visit your land through its gastronomy and the wines that it produces so that we can come to see you live to test them!

We would like to ask you one more thing, and we know that each of you will respond with enthusiasm. The white night was not created for this purpose, but it seemed right to dedicate it in some way to an event that has touched us as a Country. On november the 18th, Sardinia, our Sardinia, was stabbed through the heart by a terrible tragedy. The web has mobilized in the night to try to give informations, support, help or just comfort to those affected, obviously together with all the volunteers and the institutions.

Our proposal is this: to open a fundraiser to retrieve a place of culture that has been damaged in those days and we would like you to suggest your preferences to us. You only need to use hashtag #NBTWsardegna to tell us which building, or site, you think we have to open the fundraiser for. We will collect your records and choose the one that has received the greatest number of preferences.

Once you have chosen the building we’ll open the fundraiser and will notify you how to donate.

Well…our indecent proposal is again the same: would you like to spend the night with us?!? 😀