Digital Invasions 2023 : Our Tenth Anniversary!

Digital Invasions 2023 : Our Tenth Anniversary!

Create + StoryTell + Share = Let’s celebrate the 10th Anniversary together!

From May 12th to May 21st, 2023 the Digital Invasions are back!

Over 5,000 places invaded in Italy and around the world, many people involved in #invasionidigitali, a project born in 2013, now on its tenth anniversary, a real movement for culture. This year’s leitmotiv will be Create + StoryTell + Share = Nostalgia <3

The term Y2K refers to the period between 1990 and 2000, in which we were preparing for the arrival of the so-called “millennium bug” which could have caused computer systems to malfunction due to their programming based on two digits for the year instead of four. The fear of the digital apocalypse turned into a sort of fascination for the future and the arrival of the new millennium, which led to an important social and cultural change.

Similarly, the Digital Invasions were a form of grassroots protest that took place in Italy and then all over the world starting from 2013. The Invasions saw groups of people passionate about culture, creators, bloggers, engage in sharing actions of our cultural heritage, with the aim of promoting knowledge and the beauty of the territories.

Either way, these moments remain important as they marked a period of great change in the history of digital and non-digital technology and culture. Nostalgia for these experiences stems mainly from the fact that they represent a moment of transition between the past and the future, a time when the world seemed to be constantly evolving and changing.

The approach to technologies has changed radically in recent years thanks above all to ease of use and affordable costs. A new approach that took place above all thanks to mobile devices and the diffusion of the use of the network on the move. Today people are almost completely familiar with these devices and with social media which have made it possible to share a thought, an activity, an emotion, an experience hic et nunc, such as a visit to a museum, the observation of a work of art, even a selfie, is not only immortalized but shared in the moment. And that sharing is not just sharing in an experience, an emotion but becomes a means – visual – of digital word of mouth for the museum. The goal therefore remains to spread the culture of using the internet and social media for the promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage.

For 2023, the invitation is to have fun, organize an invasion where and how you prefer, and celebrate together! <3

The hashtag to use is still #invasionidigitali which will be accompanied by the official tag of each individual invasion.

The dates of the Invasioni Digitali Anniversary will be from May 12th to May 21st, 2023

To organize an invasion, please send us a requeset at: